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The tokens Anthurium creates are fully compatible with the normal BEP-20 token and may be used in any BEP-20 wallet.

What is Anthurium ?

With 0 percent trading costs, Anthurium is the best Crypto-One-Stop-Solution platform. Our platform incorporates all aspects of a cryptocurrency-based digital economic system. A cryptocurrency exchange, an e-wallet, and a native token are among the platform's primary components
Anthurium offers you a cryptocurrency exchange token is a digital asset that is unique to that exchange. For a variety of reasons, a crypto exchange may create its own token, and exchange owners frequently provide tokens to users as incentives.

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As a technical definition, this token was created for the Binance smart chain. The main goal of introducing this token was to make it easier for developers to create comparable tokens. Binance Smart Chain's cryptocurrency, Anthurium, is traded under the symbol BNB. Future Anthurium was first used on the BNB Token network with the BEP 20 standard, but it has now become the Anthurium's native coin.

Anthurium is the cryptocurrency issued by Binance Smart Chain and trades with the BNB symbol. Future anthurium initially ran on the BNB Token blockchain with BEP 20 standard but has since become the native coin of the Anthurium.


The Anthurium tokens we create are fully compatible with the normal BEP-20 token and may be used in any BEP-20 wallet. The specialty of our tokens are that they will have customizable symbols, names, and the number of decimals specified.


Automated payment for electric vehicle charging at charging stations will result in faster transactions. The anonymity provided to its users also draws users, resulting in the growth of the clean and fuel-independent electric car industry. For the conditions to be met before the transaction occurs, this payment system would use smart contracts. These restrictions would include whether or not the sender has that amount of digital currency in his account, whether or not different pricing can be applied to different time, and how much billing would be done. There are two techniques to calculate the charge rate. In one example, the charging power is fixed, and the quantity of ether paid is determined only by the amount of time spent charging. In the second situation, pricing may be based on energy usage, which would require us to interface with anything that could give us the energy being utilized.



Our Whitepaper is a comprehensive study or guide that informs you about Anthurium tokens and how they work in the real world in a clear and concise manner while also presenting the issuing of our philosophy on the Anthurium tokens. The key purpose of Anthurium Whitepaper is to assist you in comprehending an issue, resolving a problem, or making a decision.

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Our token supply will be 13,993,366,333



The Binance Smart Chain is a separate blockchain that works alongside the Binance Chain. It is based on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and includes a solid smart contract. As a result, Binance Smart Chain is tremendously versatile on a blockchain network. Binance Smart Chain, contrary to popular belief, is not a layer two or off-chain scaling solution. It's a stand-alone blockchain that could continue to function even if Binance Smart Chain went down.

The algorithm inside blockchain coins is known as a smart contract. In our situation, BNB is the most popular cryptocurrency on which smart contracts can be built. The basic goal of such contracts is to automate the connection and provide the option to establish samospalenie obligations.

If you accidentally send BEP-20 tokens to an unsupported wallet, you can reclaim your funds by adding a smart chain network to that wallet or depositing the BEP-20 tokens into a wallet that is pretty compatible with Binance Smart Chain.

You will simply need a wallet to register. Tron wallet is a Google Chrome extension for PCs and/or various mobile applications. Apps that have been tried and are safe to use: wallet Pocket Wallet Token - Tron Wallet